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Trade and export finance experts.

Petersen Matex Trading – independent trading company and part of an international group of companies. With our decades of experience in international trade and applicable financing methods, we offer our clients abroad maximum liquidity in the import of consumer and capital goods.

We see ourselves as a link between buyers and suppliers, for whom we handle trade transactions – especially in the manufacturing industry and the agricultural sector – and back them up with export financing. As a trading house and export finance provider, we ensure that the buyer abroad benefits from extended payment terms of up to 12 months or, in the case of capital goods, up to 15 years, while the supplier receives their payment promptly.
All parties involved benefit from maximum liquidity – we take care of the financial structure and the risk management!

Petersen Matex Trading - modern trading company with history. We owe an enormous amount of international market, trade, and financing experience to our South American roots.
We make this expertise available to our partners worldwide. Individual. Flexible. Competent.


More liquidity for suppliers and buyers – with security!


Would you like to invest in the purchase or production of goods and at the same time secure your liquidity?

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Do you want to generate sales and immediate liquidity with customers who demand long payment terms?

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Would you like to offer risk-limiting export financing for your customers – profitably and without a great deal of commitment in terms of processing?

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Consultants and agents

Are you looking for professional export financing for your customers – with suppliers from Germany or the Netherlands?

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