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Trade and export financing is in our DNA.

Our services

Foreign trade financing – when it is about more than just delivery!

Export business is not just about product features, prices and delivery times.

The buyer abroad often wants to have financing included. If an exporter in the role of supplier can offer such tailor-made financing, they gain an important competitive advantage.

Our group of companies offers buyers and suppliers proven instruments for payment processing in international trade. To this end, we analyse economic and political risks, advise the supplier and finance the buyer’s undertaking.

As a partner with international experience in trade, financing and risk management, we structure export financing and handle trade transactions between buyer and supplier – with liquidity advantages for both sides!

Our services – your advantages

International trade

Petersen Matex Trading supports its international customers across industries, such as agricultural inputs (fertilizers, pesticides and seeds), food, pharmaceutical products, machinery and equipment as well as accessories and spare parts.

Export financing

Our customers are often faced with insufficient national and international refinancing options for necessary investments. We enable our customers to make these investments by purchasing the relevant goods from the respective manufacturers or suppliers and reselling them – depending on the creditworthiness and the type and size of the transaction – to our customers worldwide at attractive financing terms. With the help of an extensive network consisting of banks, financing institutions, as well as governmental export credit agencies (ECA) and private risk insurance, we grant supplier’s credits at attractive conditions to our customers for their imports and arrange buyer’s credits for larger investments in cooperation with national and international financial institutions.

Procurement / Sourcing

Western European and especially German and Dutch capital goods have always been held in high esteem internationally.
Based on concrete specifications, we support our customers in the procurement of the desired goods. You benefit from our experience, our networks and our market knowledge at the international locations of the Petersen Matex Group when sourcing capital goods as well as commodities and consumer goods.

International distribution

Petersen Matex Trading has a reliable and experienced network of agents and partner companies all over the world. Our focus is on Latin America, especially Brazil, where we have been successfully working with partner companies for decades.
In recent years, we have been able to transfer this experience to other significant markets, e.g. in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia.
Petersen Matex Trading is the first choice for all companies that want to better serve their customers internationally.

Good reasons to talk to each other!


With Petersen Matex you can…

  • Generate sales with customers who would otherwise not buy from you for liquidity reasons
  • Generate immediate liquidity with customers who demand long payment terms
  • Put in place reliable export financing via partners without management effort and straining your liquidity
  • Create a unique selling proposition


With Petersen Matex you can…

  • Generate sales before you must make payments for investments (payment terms up to max. 12 months for consumer goods and up to 15 years for capital goods and machinery)
  • Improve your liquidity permanently and sustainably
  • Simplify your procurement process abroad
  • Obtain better conditions from international suppliers


With Petersen Matex you can…

  • Offer your customers highly risk-limited export financing
  • Work profitably without a great deal of commitment in terms of processing
  • Offer discerning customers a complete solution when it comes to the processing of complex trading transactions and when it is about more than just financing
  • Strengthen your competitive position sustainably

Consultants & Agents

With Petersen Matex you can…

  • Offer your clients professional export financing (including suppliers from Germany and the Netherlands)
  • Minimise your own exposure and risk
  • Create a positive “customer experience” for your clients
  • Strengthen your competitive position sustainably

We look forward to welcoming you as a new partner.